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Focal person

Details of the focal person for Embassy of Pakistan, Vienna are as follows:
Name: Mr. Liaquat Ali Warraich
Designation:Head of Chancery



Online Appointment or

Online Renewal of Passports

Passport can be renewed online by applying at
The fee is to be paid online through debit/credit card with the option of home delivery.

Online Visa Facility

In order to facilitate visitors, the Government of Pakistan has launched ONLINE VISA APPLICATION SYSTEM. Austrian & Slovak passport holders can avail the online visa facility. However, Visa application can also be submitted manually at the Embassy as usual.

Visa applicants can apply and check further details on the following link below:

For queries, the Embassy can be approached on the following email and phone number:

Phone: 0043-1-3687381
(Monday to Thursday: 10am to 1am; Friday 10am to 12 noon)


NADRA has launched Web-Based Application System named “Pak Identity” for processing of National Identity Cards for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) and Pakistan Origin Card (POC) application in order to facilitate overseas Pakistanis. Kindly note that no manual booking of NICOP & POC applications/payments is being made by this Embassy. All NICOP & POC applicants are required to apply directly ONLINE on the following link for processing of NICOPs/POCs.

To know about the status of application, NADRA can be contacted on:

UAN (Telephone No.) +92-51-111 786 100
For NICOP only:+92-51-90391918, +92-51-9208626
E-mail: (for NICOP) (for POC)


  • Visit
  • Register your account with a valid e-mail address.
  • Set a password.
  • You will get an email from Pak-ID with 4 digit number  for confirmation.
  • Please click this link and enter this 4 digit number.
  • Visit again.
  • Log in with your email and password.
  • Select NICOP/POC. There are four options to select (New, Re-print, Modify and Renewal).
  • If children have MRP they should apply for the category ‘Modify’.
  • Please select smart NICOP button.
  • Enter a 4 digit code.
  • Scan the required documents, biometric picture as per NADRA’s specifications.
  • Save and upload.
  • Scan fingerprints document with 600 dpi in grayscale by scanner only.
  • Payment only through visa/master credit card.

Consular services

The Embassy of Pakistan, Vienna offers the following consular services:

  • Issuance of Machine Readable Passports (MRPs) to Pakistan nationals resident in Austria and Slovakia.
  • Issuance of Emergency Passports to Pakistan nationals for repatriation to Pakistan.
  • Issuance of Pakistan visas to Austrian and Slovak nationals. A third country national can be entertained on a case-to-case basis, provided the legal stay (residence in Austria/Slovak Republic) is six months or more.
  • Attestation of documents.
  • Cases of Renunciation of Pakistan Citizenship.
  • Registration of Birth of a child of a Citizen of Pakistan born in Austria/Slovak Republic (Form-S).

Fee structure

The Mission does not accept cash payments. A valid Debit Card (BANKOMAT) issued in Austria, is required for the payment of charges for different consular services. In case of non-possession of Debit Card (BANKOMAT) issued in Austria, cash can be deposited in the following official Bank account of the Embassy.

Embassy of Pakistan Consular Fee Account:
Account/IBAN No. AT30 1200 0002 1843 4903 (Bank Austria)

Passport Fee:

(05 years)
(05 years)
First Loss Ordinary
(05 years)
First Loss Urgent
(05 years)
Second Loss Ordinary
(05 years)
Second Loss Urgent
(05 years)
€ 43.00 €112.00 € 85.00 € 224.00 € 168.00 € 448.00


(10 years)
(10 years)
First Loss Ordinary
(10 years)
First Loss Urgent
(10 years)
Second Loss Ordinary
(10 years)
Second Loss Urgent
(10 years)
€ 86.00 € 224.00 € 170.00 € 448.00 € 336.00 € 896.00


The case of third loss of passport would be referred to Directorate General Immigration & Passport, Islamabad. An emergency passport will be issued to facilitate the applicant to travel back to Pakistan.

Visa Fee:

Austrian Nationals

Single Entry

Multiple Entry
(up to 01 year)

Multiple Entry
(more than 1 year)

Single Entry Business

Multiple Entry Business
(up to 01 year)

Multiple Entry
(more than 1 year)

€ 35.00

€ 53.00

€ 70.00

€ 100.00

€ 150.00

€ 200.00


Slovak Nationals

Single Entry

Multiple Entry

Single Entry Business

Multiple Entry Business
(up to 01 year)

Multiple Entry
(more than 1 year)

Free of Cost


€ 150.00

€ 200.00


Fee for other Consular Services
Attestation of personal documents (Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates etc.) per document

€ 06.00

Attestation of Commercial documents and Power of Attorney (per document)

€ 17.00

Renunciation of Pakistan citizenship Certificate


Issuance of Form-S (Registration of birth of child as a citizen of Pakistan

€ 17.00

Requirements for consular services

Machine Readable Passports (MRPs)

The Embassy issues Machine Readable Passports only. Issuance of manual passports has been discontinued. Following documents are required for processing:

  • Previous Passport (Original).
  • Copy of Previous Machine Readable Passport (Pages 01 & 02). In case of manual passport (Pages 01 to 08).
  • Valid CNIC/Smart NIC Cards in original and its colour photocopy (both sides).
  • Copy of Meldezettel (Residence Certificate) for applicants living in Austria.
  • For married women desirous of mentioning their husband’s name on the passport, their CNIC must bear the name of their husbands.
  • In case of children below 18 years of age, the Production of NADRA’s Computerized Registration Certificate/NICOP is mandatory.
  • In case of issuance of first passport to newly born children abroad, their SNICOP, Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate of their parents along with their English translation and their photocopies are also required.
  • In case of lost passport, original and a copy of the Loss Report by the concerned Austrian authorities along with its English translation is required.
  • For mailing of MRP to the addresses outside Vienna, a self addressed/stamped envelope for ‘Registered Post’ (Einschreiben) will be required upon receipt of MRP from Pakistan.

Emergency Passports

The Embassy issues Emergency Passports to Pakistan nationals who (i) are not in possession of valid passports, (ii) are staying illegally having improper stay in Austria/Slovakia and desire to repatriate to Pakistan or (iii) have lost their passport for the third time. Emergency Passport is issued only after necessary verification. Following documents are required:

  • Passport Application Form.
  • Copy of Passport.
  • Original & copy of Pakistan ID Card (CNIC/NICOP/SNIC/SNICOP).
  • 04 photographs (colour, white/blue background).
  • Letter from the organization, bearing the cost of air ticket and flight reservation to Pakistan.

Pakistan Visas

The Embassy is accredited to Austria and Slovakia. As per Visa Abolition Agreements between Pakistan and the two countries, the Austrian and Slovak nationals holding diplomatic and official passports do not require visa to enter Pakistan for stay up to 90 days. Processing of visas may take up to two (02) weeks. NGO/Journalist Visa applications may take more than two months processing time. Passport should be valid for at least six (06) months at the time of visa application.

  • Legibly/correctly/completely filled-in Visa application form in CAPITAL ENGLISH LETTERS (an improperly filled-in form may cause delay or refusal of visa. Please use extra sheets/photo copy if required).
  • Original Passport (valid for at least 06 months on the date of submission).
  • Photo copy of the Passport (with copies of Pakistan visa(s), immigration stamps for previous visits to Pakistan).
  • Two (02) latest passport size (2″x2″) colour photographs showing full face. One of these photos should be affixed on the Visa application form. The other photo should bear the name of the person on the reverse side.
  • Copy of Austrian/Slovak valid visa and proof of Permanent Residence in Austria/Slovak Republic (for applicants other than Austria/Slovak Republic).
  • Introductory letter of the Employer/Company/Organization/Chamber (for applicants visiting Pakistan for purposes other than Tourism/Family Reunion/Transit).
  • Invitation from Pakistan in case of Business Visa and Family Visit Visa (for other than Pak-origin applicants).
  • Details of Travel Programme.
  • Copy of Return Flight Booking for Family Visit Visa.
  • In case visa is required for (i) Mountaineering (ii) Hunting or (iii) Trekking in the restricted zones, a proof of fulfilment of formalities issued by the Government of Pakistan is to be attached. No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Gilgit Baltistan Council (GBC) is required for mountaineering/trekking in the restricted areas of the GB region.
  • For submission of applications by post (on sender’s risk), the application should be accompanied by a self-addressed envelope with affixed stamps for registered mail.
  • Copy of Birth Certificate of children and copy of Marriage Certificate in case of families travelling together.

Details about Visa to Persons Working for or on Behalf of UN Agencies/International Organizations in Pakistan


  • Duly filled in Visa Application Form with two photographs and UNLP/passport.
  • Note Verbale issued by the relevant UN Agency/Organization in Pakistan or abroad.
  • Duly filled in and signed proforma by UN Resident Coordinator/head of relevant agency. Proforma is available on this website.
Processing Time
UN/IO Short Visit Assignment Visa Short Term Assignment Visa UN Volunteer Visa
Minimum 02 weeks Minimum 06 weeks Minimum 04 weeks Minimum 04 weeks


Please note:Visa will be issued to representatives of INGOs which are registered in Pakistan. Please consult the following website for relevant information:


Additional Requirements for holders of Afghan Passports/Special Travel Documents of Austria or Slovakia and Austrian of Afghan Origin

  • Affidavit/Invitation letter from Pakistan on Judicial/Stamp Paper attested by the Notary along with a photocopy of CNIC (Pakistan ID Card) of the invitee. The invitee should undertake the return of the individual(s) within the period of visa duration.
  • Copy of Salary Slips of last 02-03 months.
  • Copy of House Lease Contract (Mietvertrag).
  •  Copy of Registration of Residence Letter (Meldezettel).
  •  02 References (Copies of their valid passports).
  • Copy of Visa card (in case of holders of Afghan Passport).
  • Copy of Birth Certificate of children and Marriage Certificate in case of families travelling together.
  •  NOC letter from parents in case children under age of 18 years are travelling without one of their parents.
  •  Complete address of stay in Pakistan. Name details of contact person in Pakistan along with contact number in Pakistan.

* Please note that the Visa Fee is not refundable and failure to complete any of the above requirements may result in delays or refusal of visa.

Renunciation of Pakistan Citizenship

The process of Renunciation of Pakistan Citizenship takes approximately six (06) months. The nationality of child below 21 years of age can only be renounced with the application of his/her father provided the child is living abroad and the Austrian/Slovak government has also included his/her name in his/her father’s Nationality Assurance letter (Bescheid). Following documents must be provided for the Renunciation of Nationality:

  •  Form-X. Particulars duly typed along with 04 copies (Total 05)
  • Computer Form duly filled in (Sr. No. 4-12) along with 04 copies (Total 05)
  • National Identity Card CNIC/NICOP/SCNIC/SNICOP (original)
  • All previous invalid passports (in original) and present valid passport
  • Nationality Assurance letter (Bescheid) and its English translation
  • 07 identical passport size colour photographs of the applicant and 02 photographs each of child in white background (Please paste 1 each of them on Form-X and submit 2 separately)


Five (05) sets of following documents are to be attached, in addition:

  • Payment Receipt of Euro 10.00.
  • Copy of Nationality Assurance letter (Bescheid) and its English translation.
  • Copy of applicant’s CNIC/NICOP/SNIC/SNICOP/Affidavit as applicable.
  • Nationality Assurance letter (Bescheid) of the previous invalid and present valid passport (s) (pages from 1-4)/Affidavit as applicable.
  • Copy of page containing valid visa or Visa Card as applicable.
  • Copy of applicant’s child/children CNIC/NICOP//SNIC/SNICOP/CRC/Affidavit as applicable.
  • Copy of the previous invalid and present valid passport (s) (pages from 1-4)/Affidavit of child/children as applicable.
  • Copy of page containing valid visa or Visa Card as applicable of child/children as applicable.
  • Photocopy of the names, addresses and telephone numbers of two persons in Pakistan who could confirm your antecedents.


Important notes:

  • All copies must be made on A4 size Paper. Please DO NOT pin/staple your documents.
  • If your children have Austrian Citizenship, please DO NOT enter their names in Form-X. If the concerned Austrian authority has offered citizenship to the children below 21 years, please enter their names in their father’s Renunciation Application. Name of children below 21 years of age would not be mentioned on their mother’s Renunciation Certificates.

Birth Registration

The Embassy registers birth of a child of a citizen of Pakistan born in Austria or Slovakia by issuing Form-S. Following documents are required:

  • 03 Passport Size identical photographs of child.
  • Birth Certificate Original and its English translation along with a photocopy.
  • Parent(s) Passports, CNICs/NICOPs, Marriage Certificate & their photocopies.


All documents presented to the Embassy for attestation are required to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, Austria or Slovakia, depending on the issuing authority. The Embassy attests the power of attorney of Pakistani nationals without requiring a prior attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan.

Important: A copy of the document(s) shall be submitted along with the along with original and copies of CNICs/NICOPs/Passport(s) of the applicant.

Power of Attorney
Power of Attorney

The applicant and two witnesses have to sign the power of attorney(s) in the presence of Consular Officer of the Embassy. The applicant/executants have to sign on all pages of the Power of Attorney. Original and photocopies of valid CNIC/NICOP or MRP and one latest photograph of the applicant and the copies of CNICs/NICOPs of the two witnesses are required to be submitted.
The Embassy would provide a ‘PASSCODE’ to the applicant, once the attested Power of Attorneys are uploaded on the official portal of the Ministry.

Commercial Documents

A copy of the commercial document(s) shall be submitted along with the original(s).


Birth, Marriage, Police Clearance Certificates, etc.

A copy of the document(s) shall be submitted along with the original.



Sr. Holiday Name Observed by Weekday Date(s)
1. New Year’s Day** Austria & UN Saturday 1 January
2. Kashmir Day** Pakistan Saturday 5 February
3. Pakistan Day Pakistan Wednesday 23 March
4. Good Friday UN Friday 15 April
5. Easter Monday Austria & UN Monday 18 April
6. Labour Day** Pakistan, Austria & UN Sunday 1 May
7. Eid-ul-Fitr* Pakistan & UN Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 3, 4 & 5 May
8. Ascension Day Austria Thursday 26 May
9. Whit Monday Austria Monday 26 June
10. Corpus Christi Austria Thursday 16 June
11. Eid-ul-Adha* Pakistan & UN Sunday, Monday & Tuesday 10, 11 & 12 July
12. Ashura* (9th 10th Muharram) Pakistan Sunday & Monday 7 & 8 August
13. Independence Day** Pakistan Sunday 14 August
14. Assumption day Austria Monday 15 August
15. Eid Milad un-Nabi* Pakistan Sunday 9 October
16. Austrian National Day Austria & UN Wednesday 26 October
17. All Saints day Austria Tuesday 1 November
18. Quaid-e-Azam / Christmas** Pakistan/ Austria & UN Sunday 25 December
19. St. Stephen’s Day Austria & UN Monday 26 December

*Subject to the appearance of Moon

** Falling on Saturday/Sunday

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