For Holders of UAE Resident Visas

(Please read these instruction carefully before filling in the application form)

1.       No Column should be left blank. Incomplete forms with vague entries shall not be accepted. Where applicable copies of supportive documents should be submitted along with the application form, Minimum time for visa processing is 3 working days.

2.       Applicants may use extra sheets in case of insufficient space in the columns of the Visa Form

3.       Two Passport size photograph with white background should be attached with visa form.

4.       Residence Visa should be valid of U.A.E and Passport should be valid for minimum 6 months.

5.       Applicants could be asked to appear for interview if required.

6.       Attach bank statement and trade license copy for business visit

7.       N.O.C from sponsor on letter head of the company with stamp and signature. (original)

8.       Original Invitation Letter from Pakistan on company letter head, along with Invitation Letter Issued by the Chamber of Commerce In Pakistan or U.A.E.

9.       Original Passport along with photocopy of passport and visa page.

10.    For Tourist visa, hotel reservation or tour operator’s letter from Pakistan along with confirmed air ticket at least twenty days before their scheduled departure to Pakistan may be provided.

11.    Visa application for non-residents will not be accepted

Work visa
·         Work visas will only be issued on receipt of approval from the concerned authorities, Government of Pakistan. The organization/company employing foreign nationals in Pakistan will apply directly to the government authorities and on obtaining their no objection the applicant will be issued a work visa for the period specified in the approval.

Student Visa
·         Issued only after the approval of the concerned authorities* Government of Pakistan
*Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan for admission on self financing basis.

*Economic Affairs Division, Government of Pakistan for scholarship holders.

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