Working Hours:

0800hrs to 1500hrs                                                                     (Sunday to Thursday)

Submission & Processing of documents                                    0800hrs to 1200hrs

Lunch and Prayer Break                                                               1200hrs to 1300hrs

Delivery of Documents                                                                 1300hrs to 1500hrs


Note: Consular Services are provided by the Embassy on walk-in & First-come-First-serve basis through a token system provided at the time of arrival of the applicant


In case of any complaint, please contact us on following numbers:

Landline: +9744832525

WhatsApp: +97433722196

Or email address:



Trade & Investment Affairs


CWA Wing

  1. Character Certificate
  2. Change of Sponsorship
  3. Transfer of Residence
  4. Death Certificate and NOC for Transportation of Dead Body
  5. Attestation of Manpower Demand
  6. Protector
  7. Registration of Overseas Pakistanis
  8. Out pass or Emergency Travel Document (ETD)
  9. Extension in Passport of Prisoners
  10. Foreign Exchange Remittance Card (FERC)
  11. OPF Membership Cards
  12. Redressal of Grievance of Overseas Pakistanis
  13. A limited Liability Company


Download Forms

Visa Form

Visa Form for Indian Nationals.

Protector Form

OPF Membership Form

Application for Short Term Renewal Passport

C Form for Manual extension of Passports

Character Certificate Application Form

Foreign Excahnge Remittance Card Form

Form X (Renunciation of Citizenship)


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