The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pakistan has established a Public Diplomacy division in order to increase interaction with a wide range of governmental and non-governmental actors to:

• Project state policy
• Promote national interest
• Build positive image
• Create a better understanding of its foreign policy decisions within Pakistan and abroad.


• Promote rich, diverse, open and tolerant culture of Pakistan
• Project Pakistan’s economy as a source of enterprise & innovation
• Project Pakistan’s image as a democracy and a pillar of peace and stability
• Build relationships with decision-makers & opinion-leader
• Use credible messaging in support of national policy on key issues
• Utilize modern technology and communication networks to reach out

In order to further the Public Diplomacy objectives of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi has appointed Mr Emran Akhtar as his Advisor on Public Diplomacy. He has also constituted a Public Diplomacy Consultative Group.

In the past 4 months alone, the Foreign Minister’s Public Diplomacy initiative has been responsible for:

• Crafting & Launching VISION F.O: A platform for thought leadership within the Foreign Office
• Creating & Launching the New Ministry of Foreign Affairs Website
• Launching an app, connecting the Foreign Minister with all officers of the Foreign Office: FM Direct
• Creating, Launching and Curating a series of monthly Public/Private stakeholder sessions: FM Connect
• Curating a series of committees at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which include thus far: a focus on digital diplomacy and cultural diplomacy respectively.
• Creating branding collateral including visual design identities, videos et al


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