Machine Readable Passport

Machine Readable Passports (MRPs) are issued in conformity with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards. Ever since the installation of MRP facility at the Consulate General of Pakistan Montreal, issuance of manual passports has been phased out. MRPs are currently being issued from the Consulate.

Term used in this Page

  • Machine Readable Passport (MRP)
  • Computerized National Identity Card(CNIC)
  • National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP)
  • Smart NICOP ( New Overseas card for Pakistanis living abroad).

Read before applying MRP

  • Applicant’s presence is mandatory(with original documents)
  • Applicants do not need to fill any application forms and not have to bring any photograph.
  • Any Endorsement including names of children in parents passports is discontinued in the MRP.
  • In case modification required in Passport, please revise your CNIC/NICOP first in NADRA database.
  • Please do not book your flight itinerary without receiving passport from the Consulate.

Machine Readable Passport Requirements

  • Original & photocopies Valid Computerized National Identity Card. (CNIC / NICOP / Smart NICOP).
  • Original Previous Pakistani Passport and Photocopies of first 4 pages and Observation page (if any).
  • Original Canadian Valid Status (Photocopy and Original) any of the following. PR-Card, Canadian Passport, Study Permit, Work Permit, Visit Visa.
  • Pakistan Government employees are required to produce original No Objection Certificate (NOC) issued within last ninety (90) days by their respective Ministries / Divisions / Departments.
  • Father/Husband CNIC or NICOP.
    Note. Married female applicants are required to produce original CNIC / NICOP / Smart National ID Card bearing their husband name, Otherwise it has to modified in NADRA first.

For New born and under 18

  • Original and Photocopy Valid NICOP, CNIC or NADRA’s Child Registration Certificate (CRC).
  • Original and Photocopy of CNIC / NICOP of Mother.
  • Original and Photocopy of CNIC / NICOP of Father.
  • Original and photocopy of Birth Certificate. Original previous Pakistani Passport and photocopies of first 4 pages and Observation page (If available).
  • Child whose name was endorsed previously on mother’s / father’s manual passport, should produce that passport in original with photocopies).
  • Original Canadian Valid Status (Photocopy and Original) any of the following. PR-Card, Canadian Passport, Study Permit, Work Permit, Visit Visa.
  • Note:
    Presence of both parents (mother & father) is mandatory. In case of absence of one of them,

    • his/her legal consent should be submitted by filling out our NOC Form.
    • In case of absence of one parent and he/She is residing in pakistan. NOC form has to be notarized by a notary public
    • if he/she is residing outside pakistanr you may check if the nearest High Commission / Consulate of Pakistan can facilitate you.
    • In case parents are separated or divorced, the custodian father or mother is required to produce court orders confirming his/her legal right of custody of the child.
    • In case one of the parent’s is deceased, the parent who is alive must appear in person. Original Death Certificate must be accompanied with a photocopy.

Lost Passport

    • Original & photocopies of valid CNIC / NICOP / Smart NICOP.
    • Photocopy of previous Pakistani passport (if available).
    • If the Passport is lost, Police Report in Original. Loss Passport Number must be mentioned in Police Report.
    • Original Canadian Valid Status (Photocopy and Original) any of the following. PR-Card Canadian Passport. Study Permit / Multiple Visa / Super Visa / Work Permit.
    • In case of government servant, No objection certificate (in original) from their respective Ministries / Divisions / Departments.


     MRP only be processed after receiving the verification from the passport issuing office and police report from the concerned police station.

Collection of passport

  • Successful completion of above stages, in normal routine Passport will be delivered as per following schedule.
    • 25 working days in case of normal application.
    • 10 working days time in case of urgent application.
  • Collection of passport on behalf of Applicant?
    • Only blood relation of same family is allowed to pick up the MRP.
    • Orignal Valid Pakistani CNIC / Passport.
    • Hand written authorization from the applicant
  • Pickup Instructions:
    • Please bring original receipt..
    • Previous passport.
    • In case of Loss of receipt, the MRP will only be delivered to applicant


If the age of applicant is less than 15 years, only 5 years validity passport will be issued.

  Pages 5 Years 10 years
Normal 36 66 132
72 100 200
100 115 230
Urgent 36 175 350
72 260 520
100 305 610

First Time loss

Normal 36 128 256
72 190 380
100 230 460
Urgent 36 256 512
72 380 760
100 460 920

Second time loss

Normal 36 256 512
72 380 760
100 460 920
Urgent 36 512 1024
72 760 1520
100 920 1840

how to pay the fee

  • Passport fee is non refundable.
  • Fee should be in the form of Money Order/Bank Draft payable to the “CONSULATE GENERAL OF PAKISTAN, MONTREAL” or via Debt Card available at Consulate General of Pakistan, Montreal.

No cash or personal cheques are accepted.

Visa Services

All Foreign Nationals, except for those belonging to countries with which Pakistan has Visa abolition agreements needs a Pakistani Visa to enter in Pakistan.

Visa services are no more available at the Consulate General.
Applicants are advise to apply for Pakistan Online Visa at

Attestation / Notarization of Documents

Attestation of documents such as Power of Attorney, Authority letter etc., should be signed by the Executant(s) in front of the Consular Officer in the Consulate General of Pakistan, Montreal. Documents can be submitted personally or through Registered/Courier mail.

Attestation of Educational Documents

  • Original documents along with an additional set of photocopies.
  • Proof of legal resident status in Canada.
  • Original Pakistani passport or CNIC / NICOP along with a photocopy.
  • All documents issued from Pakistan must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad or its Camp Offices at Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta
  • All Canadian documents must be attested by the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAIT).
  • All educational documents must be attested by the Higher Education Commission(HEC) of Pakistan and subsequently by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Islamabad or its Camp Offices at Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Quetta.
  • C$20 is charged for the first three (3) continuous pages of a single document. Subsequent additional pages are charged @ C$ 20 per page.
  • The Consulate General may send a document to the issuing authority or the originator for verification, which may take indefinite time.

Attestation of Power of Attorney

  • Two Recent passport size pictures, not older then three months.
  • Should be Printed on Legal Size Paper. (Please make sure that minimum four to five inch space must be empty/blank (For official use)
  • Executant presence at Consulate General is mandatory and must sign the Attorney before the concerned official.
  • Kindly bring original along with one copy each ( Valid CNIC / NICOP and Pakistani/ Canadian Passport
  • The pensioner must submit papers related to pension personally. In case of ailment, the pensioner needs to submit Doctor’s certificate stating the health condition and specific reason for not submitting the documents personally/physically.
  • C$ 50 will be charged for first three (3) continuous pages of a single document. Subsequent additional will be charged @ C$ 50 per page.
  • Proof of legal resident status in Canada.

The Consulate General does not accept any responsibility of the contents of the Power of Attorney.

Pakistani Driver’s License Verification

  • Requirements for Pakistani Driving License Verification:Attach two (2) sets of following documents:
  • Please bring your original and a copy of valid Driving license
  • Driving License Form (Please fill up the form with the data provided on driving license only.
  • In case of any difference between particulars mentioned in the driving license and Pakistani passport, fill up the form according to the particulars mentioned in the driving license and give a separate note regarding the changed particulars mentioned in the Pakistani passport at the right bottom corner of the form on blank space available.
  • C$20 will be charged for verification.
  • Proof of legal resident status in Canada.

Police Character Certificate

  • Complete Police Character Certificate Form along with a copy of Pakistani passport / CNIC / NICOP and a three (3) recent photograph.
  • Police Character Certificate is issued by the Consulate General upon receipt of original Police Report from the concerned authorities in Pakistan.


Note:May take a few months (Normally 3 to 6 months or may be more).

  • C$20 fee will be charged at the time of application submission.
  • Applications can be sent by mail along with all required documents, fee and self-addressed pre-paid return envelope.
  • Proof of legal resident status in Canada.

Renunciation of Pakistan Citizenship

Any citizen of Pakistan residing outside Pakistan, who is not a minor and is also a citizen or national of another country or has been given by the competent authority of another country any valid document assuring him/her citizenship or nationality of that other country, shall make a declaration of renunciation of citizenship on form “X” in triplicate to the Directorate General Immigration & Passports Islamabad through Pakistan Mission abroad.

  • The person concerned will cease to be citizen of Pakistan from the date of registration of his citizenship by Directorate General Immigration & Passports Islamabad.
  • Where a male person ceases to be citizen of Pakistan:
    • Every such minor child of that person as is residing outside Pakistan shall, thereupon, cease to be a citizen of Pakistan provided any such child may, within one year of his completing the age of 21 years, make a declaration that he wishes to resume the citizenship of Pakistan and shall upon making of such declaration becomes a citizen of Pakistan.
    • Every such minor of that person as is residing in Pakistan shall continue to be a citizen of Pakistan.
  • The fee for renunciation of citizenship is Rs.500/-.
  • Further Steps of Renunciation of Citizenship are as follows.
  • After being received at this Directorate General, your application shall be referred to concerned department for clearance and after such clearance renunciation certificate shall be prepared and dispatched to concerned foreign mission. Applicants are requested to submit their applications after carefully enclosing all required documents particularly original CNIC, Photocopies of Passports and assurance letter issued by concerned Foreign Government. Please mention the name of only those children in form “X” who are residing with you in a foreign country. Also enclose copies of those childrens Birth Certificates/NICOP/Pakistan Passports.
    If your application is complete in all respects delivery of renunciation certificate to you may take three months. However incomplete applications, non availability of CNIC or lake of supporting documents regarding children whose names are mentioned in Form “X” may cause delay in finalization of your case. You may check status of your application by sending email at: after three months of submission of your application.


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