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Dear Excellencies, Colleagues,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It gives me great pleasure to bring to closure the 13th ECO Summit. I would like to express my profound gratitude to all the participating Presidents, Prime Ministers, Leaders of the Delegations, Observers and Summit’s Special Guests for their kind presence. Your participation, brothers, has ensured the success of our Conference. Insightful comments and thought provoking views shared by all of you, have indeed added value to our deliberations.

Being a founding member of the organization, Pakistan is committed to ECO objectives. Our Summit has underscored collective desire for regional integration. ECO initiatives demand commitment and tangible actions for achieving desired goals.

The Summit provided us with an opportunity to reaffirm our collective commitment to progress and prosperity for the ECO region. It also allowed us to identify new areas of cooperation while cementing the progress on matters currently under process.

I believe that the ECO region has enormous potential for enhancing regional cooperation, based on the solid foundation of commonality of interests, economic complementarities, common cultural heritage and geographical proximity.

Located at the crossroads of important regions, the ECO region has both the potential and the capacity to function as a bridge between North and South, Europe and Asia. Its favorable geo-economic location can be better utilized for the development and prosperity of the region.

Peace is essential for sustainable development as has been highlighted by my distinguished brothers and colleagues. I would also like to underscore the importance of solidarity within the Islamic world, to address the challenges that confronts the adherents of Islam.

My government’s commitment to a peaceful neighborhood has been repeatedly demonstrated. To this end, peaceful settlement of longstanding disputes, like Jammu and Kashmir and alleviating the sufferings of the Kashmiri people would greatly help in advancing the goals of stability and development of the entire region.

The successful holding of the Summit is a manifestation of the desire and commitment of the Member states to transform ECO into a vibrant regional block.

It is also a testament to Pakistan’s commitment to act as a harbinger of positive changes and meaningful development in the region.

In wishing the organization sustained everlasting progress, I earnestly hope that the member-states will continue to work in harmony for the continued prosperity of our peoples.

Thank you.


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