Consular Jurisdiction: Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan Provinces and Chongqing Municipality


General Regulations

  • The Consulate General does not issue any such certificates on its own and only counter-attests certificates/Affidavits already attested by the Foreign Office of Pakistan or Foreign Office of China.
  • All documents issued from Pakistan or China must be attested by its respective Foreign Offices.
  • Fee for attestation of documents is received in cash at Office Counter.
  • The applicant must attach a copy of the document to be counter-attested the original one along with copies of passport and ID.


  1. For applying online E-Visa, please visit
  2. General Visa Instructions. Applicants are advised to carefully read the following visa processing instructions  (common to all categories of Visas), this will ensure  smooth and speedy processing of E-Visas:-
    1. We strictly discourage visa processing through Travel Agents, Visa Processing Companies and Middle man.
    2. Minimum 6 months valid passportis required for the visa processing.
    3. Applicant’s physical presence in Chinais must for issuance of visa.
    4. Holders of Diplomatic and Official Passportsof the People’s Republic of China do not require visa to visit/ stay in Pakistan for up to one month.
    5. Applicants are advised to upload only original supporting documentsfor processing of visa applications (no faxed, photo copied or emailed documents will be accepted).
    6. Applicant’s family includes spouse, son, daughter, father and mother. Only those Chinese nationals are allowed to invite their families to Pakistan, who have valid Work/ Resident/ Student visas of Pakistan.
  3. E-Visa Specific Visa Instructions
    1. Before starting the process of applying E-Visa, make sure you have following documents readily available:-
      1. Electronic version of your photograph and all supporting documents upto the size of 200 KB.
      2. Valid credit/ debit card for online payment (8.8 dollar visa processing fee for the Chinese nationals, but for the third country nationals the visa fee will differ from country to county).
    2. Please fill in the visa application form completely/ correctly, don’t leave any column vacant, the fields marked with (*) are mandatory(the provided data on the application form will be verified by relevant departments).
    3. While applying visa through Pakistan Online Visa System, please select your nearest Visa Office (apart from Embassy at Beijing, we have 4 our Consulates General located at Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. Consulates General are fully empowered to issue all types of E-Visas). Selecting of appropriate Visa Office is essential (nearest to your residence of applicant), as subsequently, some E-Visa applicants might be required to appear for an interview before Visa Counselor at Embassy/ Consulate Generals.
    4. Carefully select the category of visa as later it can’t be changed.
    5. Applicants are advised to plan their journeys/ business trips and purchase Air Tickets, as per the Time Lines given for the visa processing of various categories of E-Visas.
    6. For questions and/ or complaints, you can approach Ministry of Interior Officials at ( Visa Officers of the Embassy/ Pakistan Consulate Generals in China (all phone numbers and email addresses are amply provided on the Embassy of Pakistan website (
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