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The Embassy organized a ceremony to mark the Defence Day of Pakistan. A large number of Pakistanis living in Lebanon and embassy officials attended the ceremony.

Ambassador Aftab Khokher stated that the Defence Day was being marked to relive the memories of 6 September 1965 when the armed forces of Pakistan along with the support of whole nation defeated the evil designs of India and defended the homeland. He also said that the Day was being marked to acknowledge the sacrifices of Pakistani forces and pay tribute to the martyrs. He added that the Day was also an opportunity to reiterate our commitment to be faithful and loyal to our country to continue to defend its geographical boundaries and ideological frontiers. He said that today’s Pakistan needed the same spirit of nationhood and unity to counter and defeat the enemy. He gave the example of successful zarb e azb operation by the armed forces to defend Pakistan from within. He remarked that the approval and patronization of the operation by Pakistan’s political leadership, as representatives of the people of Pakistan, was a manifestation of the spirit of nationhood.

Ambassador Khokher said that the 1965 war was fought because of Kashmir issue and the resolution of Kashmir issue was part of Pakistan’s defence doctrine. He added that there was always a possible threat of conflict with india due to Kashmir issue and therefore peace and stability in South Asia was linked to the issue of Kashmir.

Ambassador Khokher said that the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan, in their messages, had ensured that the defence of Pakistan would remain a top priority and all possible resources would be committed to achieve that objective. The commitment of the two leaders to the Kashmir issue was a demonstration of Pakistan’s continued support to the cause of Kashmiri people.

Ambassador Khokher stated that the overseas Pakistani community could play its role in the defence of Pakistan by enhancing the image of Pakistan through their conduct and interaction with other communities.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Mr. Ishtiak Ahmed Akil, Deputy Head of Mission read the messages of the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan. Mr. Ahsan Rashid, Country Manager, Habib Bank Limited also addresses the gathering.

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