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Zahedan – IRNA – Mohammad Hadi Marashi, the head of the provincial political affairs and Seyyed Mohsen Kalavandi, General Director General of Seistan and Baluchistan Governor today congratulated the congress of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan at the center of the province today, in the presence of the Pakistani Consulate in Zahedan.

According to IRNA, the head of the political and social affairs department of the governorate of Seistan and Baluchistan said: “Establishment of the Islamic Republic in Iran and Pakistan is one of the most important commonalities of these two countries. Mohammad Hadi Marashi stated: ‘The Islamic Republic of Iran was the first country to recognize the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the two countries have unbreakable ties to each other because of their great historical, cultural and religious commonality.” Referring to the common border between Iran and Pakistan, he said, ‘People and border guards of the two countries with many connections and affiliations have no disputes.

‘Those who seek to create insecurity on these borders are outside of these two countries, and they are in a state of unrest in Iran and Pakistan,’ he said.

He emphasized: Thanks to God, with the good interaction of the governments of Iran and Pakistan, there are many interactions and cooperation in the political, economic and cultural spheres between the two countries. Pakistani Consul General Mohammad Rafi in Zahedan also thanked the Iranian authorities in Seistan and Baluchistan and read out their message to the Pakistani National Day on behalf of the Prime Minister and President of the country. Seistan and Balochistan with an area of about 187 thousand and 502 square kilometers (equivalent to 11.5 percent of the country’s total area), Zahedan’s center has more than 1,100 kilometers of land border with Afghanistan and Pakistan. 3042 ** 6081

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