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Foreign Secretary Sohail Mahmood hosted the participants of SCO member states following the closing ceremony of Joint Anti-Terrorism Exercise (JATE) – Pabbi Anti Terror 2021. The participants included the Executive Committee of SCO-RATS, led by its Director, Major General Ghiyosov Jamakhon and high-level delegations from counter-terrorism and national security authorities of all SCO member states. The participants were also given a comprehensive briefing on Pakistan’s counter-terrorism efforts and its role in promoting regional security.

In his remarks, the Foreign Secretary highlighted that SCO-RATS was the only regional platform for dealing with the threat of terrorism and extremism. Referring to the monumental changes that have occurred in the SCO region recently, the Foreign Secretary called for the need for close cooperation and concerted efforts amongst SCO member states to counter challenges to peace and security. The Foreign Secretary also highlighted the enormous sacrifices rendered by Pakistan in human and economic terms in the fight against terrorism.

JATE is an annual counter-terrorism exercise held under the framework of SCO Regional Anti-Terrorism Structure (RATS). This year, Pakistan hosted this exercise at its National Counter-Terrorism Centre (NCTC) at Pabbi, Punjab. ‘Pabbi-2021’ was the first ever exercise with physical participation of counter-terrorism forces from two SCO member states – Pakistan and China.

Hosting the Joint Anti-Terrorism Exercise projected Pakistan’s counter-terrorism capabilities and reinforced the leading role it is playing for regional peace and security.

4 October 2021

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