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6th September marks Defence Day of Pakistan, on this day we reinforce and strength our national spirits and pay tribute to our Armed forces for sacrificing their lives for the security of our sacred motherland.

Group of Pakistani diaspora along with members of Embassy gathered to remember the sacrifices of Martyrs and veterans who sacrificed all for our motherland. President and Prime Ministers messages were shared.

The Ambassador reiterated Pakistan’s solidarity with Kashmiri brethren and renewed Pakistan’s resolve to continue supporting Kashmiris’ in their right to self-determination in wake of recent events. He paid homage to the shuhada and ghazis. He said Pakistan Armed forces and people are determined to protect their Motherland. Pakistanis will not rest or sleep, nor acquiesce or give up, until India ceases its horrendous human rights violations in IOJK and the Kashmiris achieve their legitimate right to self-determination as per United Nations Security Council Resolutions.

6 September 2019

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