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General Guidelines for Visitors to Azerbaijan


If you plan to visit Azerbaijan, you must obtain a visa before arriving in the country. As a tourist, you can apply for an e-visa through Azerbaijan’s online visa portal ( It is recommended to apply for visa at least 05 days before the planned travel date.

E-visas are single entry and are valid for 30 days. If you require any other type of visa, you must apply at the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Islamabad prior to the departure. To obtain other types of visa, you must present a letter of invitation from a contact in Azerbaijan, such as an employer or educational institution. If you don’t have a contact in Azerbaijan, the invitation letter should be submitted by the travel agency in Azerbaijan.


It is mandatory for all visitors to register with the State Migration Service within 15 calendar days after the arrival if the intended stay is more than 15 days. Failure to register could result in fine and or deportation. You may be stopped from leaving Azerbaijan until the fine is paid.

If the intended stay in Azerbaijan is more than 30 days, you must obtain a temporary residence card or apply to extend your visa. Visa extension or conversion of type of visa is usually not allowed.

Options for Accommodation

There is large inventory of hotels and motels in Azerbaijan for tourists. On average, the per day room can cost between 30-60 AZN for 3 stars hotels (depending on the season), 70-130 AZN for 4 star Hotels and 200 AZN and above for 5 star Hotels. Hotel information is available on different websites including on


Taxi service such as BOLT and UBER are quite affordable.

Rent a car can be an option with or without driver. Daily charges are usually 90-100 AZN

After Arrival to the Airport, Bus and Taxi can be taken for City Center/or to Hotel.

Buying a Mobile SIM Card

One SIM card of Azercell and Bakcell can cost around 18-25 Manat, which consist of enough local calls and internet data to be used by tourists for one week.

Currency Exchange

01 USD is exchanged for to 1.69 AZN. Foreign currency can be exchanged on the Airport, as well as from the Banks in the City, which can give better rates. Pakistani Currency (Rupee) cannot be exchanged in Azerbaijan.

Shopping Destinations

A number of international standard Malls are in Baku from where shopping of various international and local brands is possible. Usually 18% VAT is charged on shopping. Popular Malls include Genjlik, Deniz, 28 May or Park Boulevard Malls. There are also popular shopping stores at the famous Nizami Street in the heart of the city. Bargaining is quite common at local shopping stores.


Halal food is easily available since Azerbaijan is a Muslim country. There are plenty of Turkish and Azerbaijani restaurants in all prominent areas of Baku and outside where halal food is available. There are also a few Pakistani restaurants in Baku city.

Traffic Safety

Major city roads are well-maintained, but driving can still be dangerous because many drivers do not pay attention to speed limit, traffic rules/signs. Pedestrians should exercise caution.

Beware of Scams

Azerbaijan is not situated in Europe. You cannot go to any other country from Azerbaijan without valid legal travel documents. Some of your compatriots might connive with local people to deceive by convincing you that if you give them money they could get you visa of some other country, jobs, business etc. Beware of financial frauds.

What not to do in Azerbaijan

Don’t ask questions from anyone pertaining to religion or his/her religious beliefs/practices.

Don’t pass any negative comment on political leadership or political system in the Azerbaijan.

Do not take pictures/videos of police and other law enforcement personnel.

Do not make a photo/video of a local man or woman secretly or without their permission

Do not pass negative comments about the dress, beliefs, or lifestyle of any local man or woman.

Don’t involve yourself in unnecessary arguments/heated discussion with police personnel or other law enforcement agencies

Do not give your money to an unknown person or a new acquaintance for shareholding in business and investment unless you are well aware of all related risks, including financial losses and legal obligations. If you do not know the Azerbaijani language, it is very difficult as well as risky to do business and/or invest in Azerbaijan


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