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The reason of the stoppage of cargo trains running in Quetta- Zahidan:

Mr. Majid Arjooni the Head of Railway met with Mr. Muhammad Rafi Pakistan Consul in Zahidan on 01 July 2018. Reported by Mr. Muhammad Ali Tadbiri during this meeting in Pakistan Consulate in Zahidan Mr. Arjooni by mentioning the growth of the number of the cargo trains operating in Quetta- Zahidan line for the past few years highlighted the issue of the stoppage of the trains coming from Pakistan for the since two weeks ago and pointed out 135 boogies loaded with cement, bitumen, are ready to go towards Pakistan. In this regard he requested for the reestablishment of the running of the trains in this line.

Mr. Rafi Consul also responded that as per his discussion with Mr. Abid Qamar the Divisional superintendent of Quetta the railway track has been covered with sand for resolution of which the work by Pakistan Railway is going on.

Mr. Arjooni also informed about the readiness of Iranian railway for provision of travel service to Zaireens to Karbala and other religious cities and informed that in this regard an Iranian Travel Agency has showed readiness for cooperation. He requested that this agency may be assisted to contact to the concerned Pakistani authorities for initiation of the said services.

Consul also agreed and promised to convey the issue to the Pakistani concerned authorities, he also promised to contact to Pakistani Railways Ministry for early resolution of the stoppage of trains and reestablishment of trains running in Quetta- Zahidan.

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