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This Event is organized by the China Pakistan Business and Investment Promotion Council and Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan (Pvt.)Ltd, Co-organized by Sindh Board of Technical Education, supported by ( names of All 4 Chinese Organizations)

As we all are aware that with the growing progress in China’s One Belt One Road Initiative which is leading towards Pak-China Economic Corridor, One of its major initiative is setting up nearly dozen special economic zones to cater for Chinese Technical and Industrial activities all geared towards creating a smooth and un – interrupted operations through CPEC route.

In order to fulfil this ambition there is a desire of having substantial number of trained and skilled manpower in Pakistan. This will require trainings for local manpower so as to be able to get absorbed into different CPEC projects.

Ecommerce Gateway is very instrumental in generating the interest of Chinese Educational Institutes towards Pakistan in creating their linkages between academia of China and Pakistan.

This all has been initiated through power of exhibitions and conferences, in one year Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan invites more than 7,000 Chinese businessmen and trade visitors for its different exhibitions and conferences.

In the same spirit, ECG has been discussing with high level Chinese authorities during their different visits on various options on how to get technology & Know how of such manufacturing and operations using Pakistani human resource.

Both sides have come to conclusion of introducing Chinese Higher Education needs and Skill Training needs towards Pakistani institutes and Authorities, in this aspect senior level team members and ECG have finalized organizing a first Chinese Higher Education & Skill Technical Training Institutes Conference and Exhibition in Karachi during 25th till 26th in the month of April 2018.

This will be a first occasion in which such China’s top ranking Universities and Skill Training Institutes will present their draglines and will seek joint ventures with Pakistani Higher Education and Skill Training providing Institutes and organization.

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