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The Pakistani ambassador to Athens, Khalid Usman Qaiser, spoke in the framework of the Solidarity Day to the people of the region.

In the 70 years since their countries were founded simultaneously, India and Pakistan have already confronted two wars in the Kashmir controversial area in the Himalayas. The volcano remains active, as we recalled a new bloody episode in the border zone on Sunday, where four Indian soldiers and a Pakistani civilian were killed.

“Kashmir remains a potential point of ignition between two nuclear powers,” Pakistani ambassador to Athens, Khalid Usman Qaiser, yesterday said at an event in the Pakistani Embassy, in the context of Solidarity Day with the people of the region. The Pakistani diplomat has called for the UN judgments to be recognized. These recognize Kashmiri’s right to self-determination and denounce systematic persecution against Muslims, with the latest manifestations of attacks on women by fanatics who publicly humiliate them by cutting their hair.

Mr Qaiser expressed Pakistani disappointment for President Tramp’s assault on New Year’s Day, accusing Pakistan of offering asylum to the Taliban. “We lost 70,000 soldiers and civilians in a war that was not ours but the Americans,” he says. When he was asked for the attacks to his people here in Greece by Golden Dawn members, he responded that necessary actions have been taken by the Greek Ministry of Citizen Protection and the Greek Justice. “In the last four months, the attacks have dropped significantly, although recently another Pakistani was shot at the foot in Thessaloniki,” said Ambassador Qaiser.

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