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In observance of Kashmir Solidarity Day, a media seminar was organized in a local hotel on 5th February 2018. Messages of the President and Prime Minister as well as Amnesty International India’s Report titled “Loss of Sight in Kashmir – Impact of Pellet – Firing Shotguns” were shared with the audience comprising of publishers, editors, columnists, anchors and representatives of the Philippines’ mainstream print, electronic and social media including Business Mirror, Manila Bulletin, Manila Standard and The Inquirer and ABS- CBN News Channel.

In his speech, the Ambassador briefed the audience on the history of Kashmir issue, continuing struggle of Kashmiri people against brutal oppression of India and the ongoing heart- rending violations of human rights in Indian Occupied Kashmir. He said that accession of Kashmir was an unfinished agenda of Indian Sub- Continent’s partition and the UN resolutions on this issue clearly stated that the Kashmiri people would decide their fate in a UN supervised plebiscite. He sensitized the audience that the Indian leaders and governments gave commitment to the world community of holding the plebiscite which would have allowed the Kashmiri people to exercise their inalienable right of self- determination. However, despite lapse of more than seven decades, India has brazen- facedly reneged its promises of implementing UN resolutions and continues to deny the Kashmiris their legitimate right.

The Ambassador also highlighted the atrocities being perpetrated by the occupation forces against innocent Kashmiris. He appealed to the gathering’s conscience for raising voice against brutal use of pellet – guns by Indian security forces, their dishonoring hundreds of Kashmiri women through braid – cutting and rape, and killing and torturing thousands of innocent civilians.

The Ambassador underscored Pakistan’s commitment to a just and peaceful resolution of the Kashmir dispute. Reaffirming Pakistan’s consistent moral, political and diplomatic support to the legitimate cause of the Kashmiri people, he hoped that their right to self-determination would be safeguarded through a free and impartial plebiscite in line with the UN resolutions.

The audience expressed solidarity with the Kashmiri people in their comments and hoped that the international community would deliver its duty of impressing upon India to fulfill its promised obligations towards the Kashmiri people.

Manila, 05 February 2018

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