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Pakistan Embassy Dushanbe , Tajikistan organized ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’ in the Chancery today.
The event started with the recitation of Holy Quran, followed by playing of national anthems of Pakistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir. Special messages of the President, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Pakistan were read by Ambassador Imran Haider and Deputy Head of Mission, Imad Naseem.
Ambassador Imran Haider pointed out that the Jammu and Kashmir dispute was one of the oldest items on the agenda of the UN Security Council. The dispute still remains unresolved due to India’s blatant refusal to honour its promises and commitments made with United Nations, international community and Pakistan. India has also been continuously violating the fundamental human rights and international law in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (IIOJK).
Over the past 75 years, the Indian Occupation forces have unleashed a reign of terror and carried out relentless campaign to intimidate and subdue the people of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (IIOJK). The presence of more than 900,000 Indian armed personnel has turned the region into an open prison. India’s illegal and unilateral actions of 5 August 2019 in IIOJK were a blatant violation of international law, including the UN Charter, the 4th Geneva Convention, and the relevant UN Security Council resolutions.
Speakers underlined that thousands of Kashmiris have sacrificed their lives and suffered countless atrocities at the hands of the Indian Occupation forces. India has been consistently engaged in efforts to further entrench these illegal measures through artificial demographic changes, political engineering, economic marginalization of the local people and an assault on Kashmiri identity and culture.
The people in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (IIOJK) are living in constant fear as Indian forces brutally engage in indiscriminate use of force and extra judicial killings in staged “Cordon-and-search” operations. The political activists and human rights defenders in IIOJK also face arbitrary detention, torture and confiscation of properties.
To raise awareness about the plight of the innocent Kashmiris in IIOJK, a special documentary with Russian voice over highlighting atrocities being committed by the Indian occupying forces was screened. Members of the Pakistani community participated in the event and recited poetry about the sacrifices and struggle of Kashmiris against the Indian occupation. The event ended with dua for the success of Kashmiri struggle for the right of self determination.
A pictorial exhibition depicting grave human rights violations and plight of Kashmiris in IIOJK was also organized.
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