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The Embassy hosted a special performance of classical dance and fusion music on its premises last evening. Ambassadors, representatives of embassies, Italian nationals and members of the Pakistani community attended the event.

The evening started with a classical dance performance by Ms. Sheema Kirmani, the classical dance master, noted social activist and theatre director who has been giving solo performances for nearly forty years. Her performance, especially on the poetry of Faiz Ahmed Faiz, was widely applauded by the audience.

The musical band “the Sounds of Kolachi” entertained the participants with the fusion of the music of the East and West. The band played three songs, including their personal work, by combining traditional instruments of Sarangi and Sitar with the acoustic guitar. The audience was especially enthralled by the “jugalbandi” of Ahsan Bari’s vocals and the sitar of Waqas Hussain.

The performance concluded with Ms. Kirmani and Sounds of Kolachi doing a joint performance of dance and music to the extreme delight of the audience. The performers received a standing ovation.

The Ambassador in his comments thanked the artists who had travelled from Pakistan to perform at the Embassy. He stated that Pakistan is a land of rich traditions, art and culture and has world renowned artists. The country believes in peace, harmony and tolerance.

Traditional Pakistani cuisine was served to the participants. The event was widely appreciated by the audience.

31 October 2018

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