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The National Day of Pakistan was held at the Consulate in Zahidan. During the Ceremony, Pakistani Consul Mr. Mohammad Rafi in Zahidan read out the following messages by Prime Minister Imran Khan and President Dr. Arif Alvi in the following order:

March 23 is a reminder of the historic day that Muslim subcontinent decided to unite with a united desire to create an independent land based on traditions and customs, especially justice and fairness and freedom. This is a place of honour to honour Ethan, who suffered and sacrificed for the creation of the country of Pakistan.

Pakistan has shown that it is very resilient to the hardship and suffering. This country has had a remarkable success in the fight against terrorism and extremism. The establishment of the Pakistani state has helped Muslims achieve their lost rights, such as religious liberties and economic opportunities, which were previously deprived of the Hindu majority by threatening their cultural identity. The adoption of the March 23 letter was intended to create a land in which all citizens, apart from religion and race, have the opportunity to contribute to the development of the country. According to Consul, Imran Khan said today, Pakistan is a new country seeking to achieve the goal of a prosperous Islamic state and seeking a friendly and peaceful relationship with its neighbours on the basis of justice, he said, calling on neighbouring countries to take their hands each other and work to eliminate the poverty of Muslim social-economic success. He continues that their peaceful pursuits should not be regarded as weaknesses, and Pakistan always believes that their right to self-defense is uncontested and that their defending power is impervious to the divine power. He praised the courage and courage of the Pakistani army soldiers and admitted that they have been plagued by many insurgents and have shown plenty of brutality in defending Bahman. He continued, on this day, Kashmiri brothers should not be forgotten because they are always the victims of terrorist attacks. He said on this day that he was greetings and praised his atrocities. He reiterated his political and diplomatic support to the Kashmir brothers.

At the end of his speech, he said that today, Pakistani is at a historic moment to escape from the problems and corruption, but it promises that if efforts are always faded, no one will prevent success.

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