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We strongly condemn and reject the inflammatory and irresponsible remarks made by the Indian External Affairs Minister regarding Pakistan and AJK. These remarks are an obvious manifestation of India’s utter frustration over the continued international censure of its egregious human rights violations in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

With close to a million military and security personnel incarcerating more than 8 million Kashmiris in one of the world’s largest prison, India is obdurately committing state terrorism in the IoJ&K. India cannot divert international attention from its crimes against the innocent people of IoJ&K by blaming Pakistan.

India continues to unashamedly justify the violation of Kashmiris’ human rights. India today is also a unique and deplorable case of a state which promotes hate crimes against minorities and consistently fails to bring to account those who indulge in cow vigilantism, mob lynchings and forced conversions and are guilty of violating India’s own laws.

The crimes committed by the Indian state in the IoJ&K for over 70 years are enough to debunk pretentious claim of India being a normal state and the so-called “largest democracy.”

Pakistan calls on the international community to take serious cognizance of India’s aggressive posturing about taking ‘physical jurisdiction’ of AJK. Coming from an occupying state, such irresponsible and belligerent statements have the potential to further escalate tensions and seriously jeopardise peace and security in the region. Pakistan stands for peace, but would be ready to respond effectively to any act of aggression.

Instead of resorting to jingoistic rhetoric, India must rescind its illegal actions, stop forthwith grave human rights violations in IoJ&K, refrain from violating international law, and fully comply with UN Security Council resolutions for a final settlement of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute.

17 September 2019

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