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(2018-08-19) Pakistan welcomes the Afghan government’s declaration of a ceasefire during the upcoming festival of Eid ul Azha. Pakistan fully supports all such efforts that contribute to achieving durable stability and lasting peace in Afghanistan. The people of Afghanistan deserve it. Coinciding with the Independence Day of Afghanistan, the announcement has an even greater significance.

Pakistan considers Eid ul Azha as an appropriate occasion for all parties to make a commitment to ceasefire along the lines of a much appreciated ceasefire in Afghanistan during Eid ul Fitr.

We also call upon all parties that in deference to the holy tradition of sacrifice during Eid ul Azha to implement a ceasefire in hostilities – preferably for a more extended period of time. This would allow the people of Afghanistan to celebrate the great Abrahamic tradition in comfort and peace, during this holy month of Zil Hajj.

Such steps we expect will create an environment of enduring peace and stability.


August 19, 2018

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