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As a historic milestone in Pakistan- Philippines bilateral relations, a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Cooperation in the field of Agriculture between the two countries was signed on 17 October 2017. Pakistan’s Ambassador to the Philippines, Dr. Aman Rashid and Philippine Secretary (Minister) for Agriculture Mr. Emanuel Pinol signed the MoU during a simple but graceful ceremony held at the Central Office of Philippine Department of Agriculture in Quezon City, Metro Manila. The signing ceremony was followed by a detailed meeting between Ambassador and Secretary Pinol to discuss various areas of economic cooperation in the Agriculture sector.

The MoU promises multi-faceted cooperation in sectors of crops, fruit & vegetables, livestock, poultry and fisheries, including sub sectors of research & development, through collaboration in post-harvest management, Integrated Plant Nutrient Management (IPNM) and exchange of elite genetic resources.

The MoU is a first ever instrument to institutionalize bilateral cooperation between the two countries in the field of agri- business, agro- based industry and trade of agricultural products. Both Governments hope that the MoU would open new vistas of collaboration in this important sector through enhanced cooperation and joint ventures.

18 October 2018

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