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Pakistan was represented at the Inauguration Ceremony of President Ashraf Ghani in Kabul today. We extend our felicitations.

The people of Pakistan are linked to the brotherly people of Afghanistan through immutable bonds of history, geography, faith, kinship, culture, language, and customs and traditions. We wish our Afghan brethren a future of hope and opportunity.

At this crucial juncture in their national life, we hope the Afghan leaders would proceed with wisdom and foresight, eschew blame-games, resolve mutual differences, and unite in the supreme interest of their country.

The signing of the U.S.-Taliban Peace Agreement in Doha on 29 February 2020 has created a historic opportunity for the people of Afghanistan and a pathway to intra-Afghan negotiations.

We believe it is imperative to seize this historic moment and work together constructively for securing durable peace and stability in Afghanistan.

Pakistan, as a shared responsibility, would continue to facilitate the Afghan peace and reconciliation process for bringing an end to the 19-year old conflict through a comprehensive and inclusive, negotiated political solution that is Afghan-led and Afghan-owned.

Pakistan reaffirms its support for a peaceful, stable, united, sovereign, democratic and prosperous Afghanistan, at peace with itself and with its neighbours.


9 March 2020

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