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Today, a webinar was organized by the Commercial Section Sao Paulo in collaboration with the Embassy of Pakistan, Brasilia, and Board of Investment, Pakistan regarding Investment Opportunities in Halal Meat Sector of Pakistan. The objective of this activity was to attract foreign direct investment from Brazil in the food sector of Pakistan, since Brazil is the leading exporter of halal meat to the Middle East.

  1. In his welcome remarks as a keynote speaker, Ambassador Ahmad Hussain Dayo expressed his views about the halal meat sector and investment friendly environment of Pakistan. Talking about the investment conducive attractions of Pakistan, he discussed at length about the geostrategic location of Pakistan at the cross-road of Muslim world as a gigantic market of Halal meat, Pakistan being itself a huge market with growing consumer base and availability of raw material, elaborate infrastructure and Special Economic Zones as part of China-Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC) project and incentives offered by the government.
  1. The Honorary Consul General of Pakistan in Sao Paulo, Mr. Mohammad AbdouniNeto highlighted the present and futuristic scenario of growing global Halal market and in particular, he introduced the potential of Halal Meat sector of Pakistan, being the 9th largest producer of beef and 11th largest producer of poultry in the world. He also underlined the areas to invest in Halal Meat Sector of Pakistan which include integrated meat production and processing for domestic and export markets, frozen food and dried meat markets, Halal arks and hubs, technological solutions and logistics. Finally, Ms. Seema Raza Bokhari, Director General (Investment Promotion), Board of Investment, Pakistan presented about the investment regime and investment related incentives offered by the Government of Pakistan in Halal meat sector in specified Special Economic Zones (SEZs) across the country. The measures taken by the government to attract and protect foreign direct investment and consequent improvement in ranking of Pakistan in Ease of Doing Business was also highlighted.
  1. Eleven Brazilian food companies who are exporting meat (beef and chicken) to the Middle East and other Islamic countries, attended the webinar, out of which, two companies JBS and BRF are the leading giants.


Sao Paulo

8th December 2020

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