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In view of the terrorist attack in Lahore, which took a heavy toll on the lives of innocent citizens of Pakistan and caused injuries to scores of people, the Prime Minister has decided to cancel his visit to Washington to attend the Nuclear Security Summit.

The Prime Minister spent the entire day today in Lahore condoling with the bereaved families, as well as visiting the hospitals to meet those injured in the tragic terrorist attack.

The Prime Minister expressed solidarity with and complete support to the victims’ families and reassured that the perpetrators behind the heinous attack would be brought to justice.

He underscored that such incidents further strengthen the Government’s resolve to eradicate the menace of terrorism from its roots.

The Pakistan’s delegation to the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington will now be led by the Minister of State and Special Assistant to the Prime Minister, Syed Tariq Fatemi. Pakistan has actively participated in the NSS process and has developed a robust Command and Control System and multi-layered security of its nuclear programme. Pakistan cooperates closely with IAEA.

28 March, 2016

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