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Dear all,

Hope all of you are keeping safe and healthy during the pandemic. As you know, we had earlier stopped passport services due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

After taking necessary precautions, changing SOPs, and conducting liaison with relevant offices in Pakistan, we are pleased to announce that we are now in a position to restart passport services again.

If you require passport services, please read the procedures below carefully:

1) If you have a valid NICOP, please request for an appointment by sending an email to including your preferred date for appointment and number of applicants (including their NICOP numbers) from your family.
Please wait until you get a confirmation response regarding your appointment. If for some reason, you do not get a confirmation response within 1-2 days, please inform us on this page.

2) You may please bring the confirmation of appointment with you (either printed or on your phone) on the date of the appointment. You may also please bring your previous passport(s) and original NICOP(s) to the Embassy.

3) In the interests of social distancing, only one applicant/family at a time will be allowed inside the premises. On the date and time of your appointment, please a) be on time, and b) press the intercom button on the main gate stating your name and appointment time and the gates will be opened for you. Your cooperation is appreciated.

4) Please bring a registered return envelope bearing your name and address at the appointment. We will use it to send you back your passport(s) once issued so that you do not have to physically come to the Embassy again to collect them.

5) It is mandatory to wear gloves and masks when coming for an appointment. This measure is for your safety and well-being. You may please use hand sanitizers provided in the Consular Hall after entering and before leaving it.

6) As before, for individuals under 18 years of age, both parents must accompany them to the Embassy.

All other services, such as document attestations and visa processing, applicants may also request for an appointment via email. Separate time for those will be allotted after passport appointments are completed.

Your patience and cooperation is deeply appreciated.

As ever, in case you have any queries, you can let us know via email or this page.

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