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Bids are invited from the interested parties for supply of following goods. The minimum specifications and quantities of items required are as follows:-


  1. Desktop Computer Qty 02

CPU: AMD FX8350 8Core                        RAM: 20GB

HDD: 120GB SSD + 1TB HDD                 Graphics Card: Lightning Edition

Wireless Keyboard & Mouse                     Monitor: LED/LCD 24 Inch


  1. LED/LCD Qty 01

Size: 36 Inch                                              Resolution: UHD

Connectivity: HDMI/DP/VGA


  1. External Hard drive of 01 TB Qty 01
  2. External Hard drive of 02 TB Qty 01


  1. Television Qty 05

Size: 55 Inch                                              Resolution: 4K

Connectivity: HDMI/DP/VGA


  1. Smart Television Qty 01

Size:75 Inch                                               Resolution: 4K

Connectivity: HDMI/DP/VGA


  1. Laptop Qty 03

CPU: Corei5                                              RAM:16GB

SSD: 512GB                                               Screen:15 Inch


  1. Interested parties should submit their bids to High Commission of Pakistan, G. Helegeli, Lily Magu, Male’ (Republic of Maldives) during office hours latest by 1stApril, 2021till 1400 hours.
  2. All the tenders will be opened in the presence of bidders or their representatives who may choose to be present at the High Commission of Pakistan, Lily Magu, Male’ (Maldives) the same day on 1stApril2021, at 1430 hours.
  3. The High Commission reserves the right to change/modify specifications/quantity of the items.
  4. The High Commission also reserves the right to accept or reject any tender as per PPRA Rules.


(Zulqurnain Ahmad)

Head of Chancery

Telephone: 3323005Fax: 3321832


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