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The Government of Pakistan strongly condemns the terror attack on the Sri Lankan Cricket Team in Lahore this morning. The attack was perpetrated by the enemies of Pakistan-Sri Lanka friendship.

Full investigation is being carried out into the attack and the perpetrators of this heinous crime would be given exemplary punishment. A special investigation team has been constituted for this purpose. The government is making necessary arrangements for the safe return of the cricket team to Sri Lanka and is in touch with Sri Lankan authorities.

Pakistangreatly values its relations with Sri Lanka. Our two countries have maintained close, cordial and mutually supportive relationship which is based on mutual trust and interest in preserving regional peace, security and stability.

Recently, Sri Lanka hosted the SAARC Ministerial Meeting in Colombo (23-28 February). On the sidelines of the meeting, the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs held useful exchanges on issues of mutual interest with the Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka, including cooperation in facing the threat of terrorism.

March 03, 2009

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