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The Urdu Congregation at the Protestant Church of Oman (PCO) Ruwi, led by Reverend Zeresh Daniel, a local Pakistani resident, organized a Special Prayer for the departing Envoy of Pakistan Ali Javed, in its evening Mass on Saturday, August 3rd.

More than 300 Pakistanis with Christian faith had gathered for the Event. Speaking to the gathering, the Reverend expressed sentiments of appreciation over the remarkable friendship and fraternity between the Embassy and the Church and Pakistani Christian Community whose size is estimated at 3,000.

The Reverend recalled some of the memorable Events organized with the presence of the Envoy such as Christmas Eve and Easter Day banquets with colorful shows for the families and children.

The Ambassador expressed his deep gratitude to the vibrant Pakistani Christian community and praised their enormous contributions to Pakistan as well as Oman and Paki-Oman friendship.

Recalling the glorious history of Pakistani Christians in Oman, he observed that PCO was established by Thomas Valpy French, the Bishop of Lahore in 1891 who is buried off Mattrah and highlighted the establishment of ‘Church of Pakistan’ in Salalah, over a decade ago, as another glowing achievement.

Ambassador Javed shared with the audience that Reverend Daniel represents Pakistani Christian community in Oman on the 10-member ‘Citizens Advisory Council’ (CAC) as was the case with Dr. Vinod Kumar Panjwani who was elected by the 1500 Pakistanis with Hindu faith to the CAC. Both are designated as Honorary Advisors to Ambassador for Interfaith Harmony & Nat’l Integration.

The Ambassador also held a separate meeting with the Urdu Congregation Church Committee and thanked them for their services to the Church and Community.

Pakistan Embassy – Muscat
August 5, 2019.

PCO Urdu Congregation Committee
(L-R) Victor, John Tariq, Reverend Daniel, Ambassador, John Fernand, Tariq

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