Indian Citizens Only(Visa Application)

Visa Requirements for Indian Nationals

1.       Residence Visa from Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

2.       Residence Visa in UAE and Passport must be valid at least forSix months.

3.       Nine Fresh Passport Size photographs.

4.       N.O.C from local Sponsor Original with (8 photo copies).

5.       Trade License for business visa (In case of UAE residence Visa as Investor) (9 photo copies).

6.       Invitation from Pakistan (Must Carry Full Name, Working and Residential Address, Telephone/Mobile numbers and CNIC number of invitee) Original with (8 photo copies)

7.       Passport including resident visa page (9 photo copies).

8.       In Case of Married with Pakistani (Marriage Certificate attested,Spouse Passport and CNIC)   (9 photo copies).

9.       In case of Business Visa (Recommendation from Local andInvitee’s Chamber of Commerce).

10.   Applicant visiting hours to the Embassy 0800-1230, Sunday to Thursday.

11.   Application must be submitted 12-week in advance to processthe case.

12.   Application form is available in the embassy. It should be typed in bold capital letters and all information should be provided.

13.   Fee is AED 88/-, Payable at UBL Bank Counter in Embassy only.

14.   For further information contact us at: 02-4447800 (Ext: 252).

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