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AHMED Ali Sirohey, Acting High Commissioner of Pakistan to Brunei Darussalam, recently visited the Federation of Brunei Malay Entrepreneurs (PPPMB).

The acting high commissioner, who was received by Dr Haji Abdul Latif bin Haji Chuchu, President of PPPMB, gave an overview of Pakistan’s economy and manufacturing clusters of various products during the visit.

He also touched on the status and development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Pakistan, as well as economic areas where Pakistan and Brunei could cooperate to increase bilateral trade.

As members of PPPMB had expressed interest in bilateral cooperation, Ahmed Ali Sirohey advised PPPMB to send a delegation to Pakistan to observe various clusters of industries to gain experience and explore the possibility of joint ventures.

Dr Haji Abdul Latif said Brunei is a member of Trans-Pacific Partnership and given its geo-strategic location between east and west, Pakistan can use Brunei as an access point to export its products to neighbouring markets.

PPPMB members also enquired if Pakistan’s meat products meet the requirements/standard of the Brunei Halal certification so as to export the meat products to Brunei and re-export them to other countries.

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